Fanatic Falcon TE 2023

Fanatic Falcon TE 2023


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The PWA World Title winning Fanatic Falcon TE 2023 are designed for total control in every situation you’re facing on a racecourse – your focus stays 100% on your speed and your line, rather than your equipment.

Pierre Mortefon has already demonstrated that in 2019, when he won the PWA Slalom World title with our red rockets. 2021 he has proven it once again by finishing as PWA Slalom Vice World Champion!

Our R&D team has been testing, tweaking and tuning every mm of the Falcon TE range to develop World Champion shapes, which leave all other boards in their wake.

For 2023 we redeveloped the key sizes 99 & 116 according to our top riders demands for 100% performance on the racecourse. The recessed mastfoot area keeps the rig connection low for better control, while the cut-out rail design will ensure 100% power and straightforward jibes on the course.

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Tablas windsurf

116, 80, 90, 99, 107, 121, 130, 140