Fanatic Diamond Touring 2023

Fanatic Diamond Touring 2023


Camera mount:Mounting point for action camera (camera not included);Deck V-Spine:Deck V-Spine up the nose for quick recovery and water dispersal;Deck net:Deck net attachment points;Flat angled deck shape:Flat angled deck shape for secure stance and water release;High apex rails:High apex rails – Extra volume in the rails with a high apex ensures a dry and stable ride for you and your luggage;Performance scoop-rocker line:Performance oriented scoop-rocker line for effortless glide and minimal wake off the tail;Racing style nose:Narrow racing style nose for smooth water flow;Recessed deck:Recessed deck combined with Strike rocker line make them super stable;Sharp rail edges:Sharp rail edges from centre to tail for extra stability and release;wide tail:Stretched outline maximizes waterline, wide square tail offers extra stability

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The Diamond Air Touring is our ladies specific Touring SUP for paddling longer distances and tours – with a big range of use and easy handling. It´s also super convenient for traveling and storage.
An effortless glider made for women – not only optically!

Benefiting from the development of our race boards, the Diamond Touring allows you to cover distance with minimum effort and maximum glide, thanks to a highly efficient rocker line based on the Strike. Exceptionally stable, the comfortable recessed deck; wide tail and high apex rails make tracking perfect in both flat water and chop.

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