Fanatic Sky Style TE

Fanatic Sky Style TE


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The name says it all! These models are designed to evolve your style – whether in the air or in the surf, pushing your wing game has never been so easy!

The Sky Style, available in four sizes from 55l to 85l, has been designed to maximize stability when starting and landing tricks, as well as improving turns, reactivity and take-offs for jumps. The higher rocker line of the Sky Style greatly improves turning response through increased leverage over the pitch of your foil, resulting in faster and more direct reactivity. The more “nose-up” riding style is ideal for starts and landings and improves the flying and turning behaviour of your foil when drawing lines in the surf. The deep deck recess with a high-volume nose section offers incredible stability for landings and creates a stable and balanced platform for sinking starts for riders using the Sky Style in a volume that doesn’t fully float their body weight. The higher nose recovers remarkably well from steep landings and makes it much easier to load up for jumps by providing more distance between the nose and the water to prevent catching.

If you’re ready to step down in size and up your game in style – the Sky Style is your best chance to impress in your local break or lake.

Small to medium size shapes

Small to medium size shapes for advanced Wingers ready to start with volumes around or below their body weight

Recessed deck

Recessed deck shape for stability, control and a direct connection with the foil


High Volume nose section for great stability in starts and landings with balanced sinking

Higher rocker line

Higher rocker line provides greater leverage over the foil, maximum pop for take-offs and easy landings with good recovery

Easy gliding

Sharp release edges in tail section for early take off and uninterrupted glide in landings and touch downs

Footstrap Options

Footstrap inserts for double front strap, single diagonal front strap or straight single front strap


Double screw inserts for back strap

Deck pad

Full deck pad with tail kick for grip, comfort and support behind your back foot during starts – slightly thicker and softer vs. 2022 Sky Wing pad

Carrying handles

Bottom handle for easy access


No compromise Carbon PVC Sandwich construction

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4'11", 4'7", 4'9", 5'1"