Fanatic Sky SUP 2023

Fanatic Sky SUP 2023

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Bevelled Rails:From nose to tail to help the rail clear the water during tight turns;Footstrap Options:Multiple different footstrap option;Kick Tail:For a tight transition of a small wave while still giving the board plenty of clearance to pump and turn like a much shorter board;Nose Keel:To help the board tracking in a straight line when paddling out through the lineup and while catching waves;Recessed deck:For more stability, direct connection to the water, early flight and maximum leverage for pumping and turning;V Bottom Shape:V button in the nose which transitions into flat in the back half of the board for early take-off, clean water release and less sticky touch downs

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The new 2023 Sky SUP is a compact SUP foil board perfect for shredding any size of waves on a foil for paddlers or surfers at any kind of level and can be used for Wing Foiling too. It’s stability and volume make it a relatively user-friendly board when paired with the recommended rider weight. Less experienced paddlers will be surprised by the ease of paddling for such a short board, while more experienced paddlers will enjoy the compact shape for pumping and higher performance maneuverability.

The main focus was to keep the boards as compact as possible without compromising in terms of stability, comfort, ease of paddling and catching waves. Our shaper Sky Solbach managed to reduce the overall length of the boards by 2” for the same volume compared to the 2022 model. The new boards feature a rounder, more surf-inspired outline, a new rocker to account for the shorter length and a completely new recessed deck and rail shape.

The recessed deck shape provides more stability and more direct foil control, early flight and maximum leverage during pumping and turns. The new beveled rails provide a faster water break during turns. A small front fin facilitates straight paddling through the lineup and keeps the board on track while riding waves.

Comes in our strong an and super light BXF_Biax Fibre layup.

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