Fanatic Sky Surf TE

Fanatic Sky Surf TE


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Our Sky Surf TE combines prone foiling and radical winging in three shapes ranging from grom to mid weight ripper.

The Sky Surf TE received a complete re-design with concave rail bevels, a new outline and rocker and slightly recessed deck shape. The updated rocker line places the foil at the ideal angle of attack for early take-offs and the recessed deck shape provides extra stability while also maximizing pumping efficiency with an optimized deck angle. The pulled in tail outline and high concave bevelled rail shape allows for the most radical turns anywhere on the wave without those annoying touch downs and provides an easy rail to grab for duck dives. Slightly more compact in length and with an extra small size added to the range, there’s a board for everyone from high-wind jumpers to prone foilers of all levels. The mini-rippers out there will love the new 25L 4’2” featuring additional foot strap inserts for smaller riders with a narrower stance.

Smallest board sizes

Smallest sizes for Prone Foilers and advanced Wingers

Recessed deck

Slightly recessed deck shape for stability, control and direct connection with the foil with optimized deck angle for maximum pumping efficiency

Rocker line

Optimized rocker line for early take-offs

Turning behavior

Concave rail bevels offer excellent hand grip for prone foiling with reduced rail catching in sharp turns

Footstrap Options

Footstrap inserts for double front strap, single diagonal front strap or straight single front strap


Double screw inserts for back strap

Stance options

Additional narrower stance options for small riders on the 4’2”

Deck pad

Full deck pad with tail kick for grip, comfort and support behind your back foot during starts – slightly thicker and softer vs. 2022 Sky Wing pad


No compromise Carbon PVC Sandwich construction

Información adicional

Tablas SUP

4'2", 4'4", 4'6"