Partly Curv:Partly molded Curv composite material with strong back support and flexible sideparts.;Spectre Bar / Windsurf Hook:ION‘s latest innovation in spreader bar technology. Incredible flexibility and a slim outline. Including aluminium windsurf hook.;Ultra lightweight:Thanks to its light construction combined with a clever mix of materials, this harness ranks as the most durable and lightweight hard shell on the market.

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ION’s Octane windsurf harness is for performance-oriented riders who prefer the seat option. The partly Curv construction improves force distribution and back support. Ergonomic leg straps, inspired by the technology of climbing harnesses, allow for freedom of movement without pressure points. C30_Buckles and the sleek Spectre_Bar (incl. windsurf hook) contribute to the lightweight and direct riding feeling.

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Tallas Harness

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