The Viper is widely recognised as one of the most successful beginner windsurfing board of all time – the board of choice for over 200 windsurfing schools worldwide.

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  • Soft deck:Durable Soft deck makes the Viper forgiving and takes away the pain – ending above the rail for longevity when stored and pushed into racks;
  • Comfort:Carrying handles for easy transportation;
  • Retractable Daggerboard:Daggerboard makes the board stable in light winds and can be retracted into the board for high winds and planing performance;
  • Pulled in Tail:Pulled in tail makes it easy to master the gybe;Footstrap options:
  • Multiple footstrap settings for great versatility as you progress;Powerbox:Powerbox allows larger fins to be used as progress is made towards planing;
  • long mast track:A long mast track ensures the Viper offers maximum range as your level improves

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91, 75, 80, 85