Wing Set Aero Free WS

Wing Set Aero Free WS

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Aero Free WS Range Carbon
Sizes: 800 / 1000 / 1250

The Aero Free WS is our new wing set for Allround Windsurf Foiling – delivering heaps of performance paired with great stability, playful reactions and low drag!

Our new Aero Free isn’t only a great performance allrounder for wing foiling. Paired with our 215 windsurf back wing and mounted to our 90cm Fuselage it’s a wing that’s favored amongst Windsurf Foilers. With low drag, early lift, exciting speeds with great control and playful turning response this wing set ticks all the boxes for windsurf foiling. Available in all three sizes of 800, 1000 and 1250 there’s the matching Aero Free WS for every rider from lighter winds to higher speeds.

These are our Aero Free WS Wing sets:

• Aero Free 800: 800 front wing / 215 back wing
Fast and agile for all lighter riders and advanced riders loving to go fast
• Aero Free 1000: 1000 front wing / 215 back wing
Offers a great combination of speed, lift and glide covering most rider weights and abilities
• Aero Free 1250: 1250 front wing / 215 back wing
Early take off, great stability and glide through lulls and gybes

The Aero Free WS wings are best matched with our 90cm fuselage and one of the longer masts for best windsurf foiling experience.

Combine the Aero Free with our Carbon Mast & Fuselage for the ultimate performance:
Our engineering team went through intense R&D running all sorts of simulations with attention to detail and countless hours of on-water testing. We wanted to make sure these Carbon masts and fuselages not only feel solid and perform to the expected level, they also need to handle the forces of those riders pushing the air game. With 5 masts lengths and 3 fuselages this range offers the dream combo for any foiler out there.

Choose your Carbon mast length and Carbon fuselage depending on your skills, preferred discipline and the conditions.

Mast options:
• 60cm – special size for shallow waters
• 75cm – All-round / Entry / Freestyle
Go-to size for most Wing Foilers on lakes, great to start and very compact for progressive air moves. Prone and SUP Foilers of all levels in small surf.
• 82cm – All-round / Surf / Freestyle / Downwind
«One for all» mast for Wing Foilers looking for the perfect mix of being compact for freestyle, yet having length for surfing and swell. Prone and SUP Foilers in medium surf. Freestyle Windsurf Foilers.
• 82cm Fanatic x Duotone COLLAB – Surf / Freestyle
Our High Modulus Team Edition Mast for Wing Foilers looking for the highest level in performance. Based on the Duotone SLS Kite mast profile with High Modulus Carbon layup, this mast is for the ambitious rider using constantly wings below 100cm span.
• 90cm – Freeride / Surf / Downwind
Wing Foilers looking for the extra room for comfort in chop, surf and open ocean swell. Go-to size for Windsurf Foilers.
• 105cm – Freerace
Wind and Wing Foilers looking for an extra long mast for confidence to push speeds even in rough open ocean conditions.

Fuselage options:
• 68cm – “Advanced” – Surf / Freestyle
Advanced Wing Foilers looking for a playful ride with responsive turning and great pop for air moves. Advanced Prone and SUP Foilers.
• 78cm – “All-round” – Entry / Freeride / Pump
Wing Foilers of all levels progressing from entry to advanced, with the option to adjust to their level, as well as Wingers with race ambitions. Prone, SUP and Pump Foilers looking for an easy and stable ride with great pumping abilities.
• 90cm – “Windsurf” – All-round
Windsurf Foilers of all levels looking for an easy and stable ride with great control also at higher speeds.

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1000/215, 1250/215, 800/215