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  • HIGH END BOOM:Your entry into the world of Duotone High End Booms;
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL:T8 aluminium;
  • BONDED TECHNOLOGY:The boom arms and the front-tube are “melted“ together using aerospace-standard glue.;
  • FRONT-END:iFRONT 2.0 – The lightest Front-End on earth;
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The current BLACK generation is manufactured in high-quality BONDED.TECHNOLOGY. In this process, tubes and front end are “welded” using special adhesive used in space travel. The iFRONT 2.0 front end, with flex and stiffness tailored to the needs of specific users, is installed for greater comfort and simple operation. The BLACK range includes two individual bend curves, whereas both short lengths have a modern PROGRESSIVE BENDCURVE and the reduced, comfortable tube diameter of 28 mm. All other lengths have a conventional bending line and a 30 mm tube diameter. For reliability and comfort, the DOUBLE PIN LOCK system helps to firmly fix the boom length in place while preventing the tubes from being twisted. Thanks to the different bending lines, the BLACK series fits with almost all sail types from all brands.
New: The entire BLACK line is equipped with the iTAIL WAVE tail end, whose patented Loop-Loop-Go 2.0 system for the first time guarantees absolutely perfect rope alignment.

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Medidas Botavara

Freeride 180 – 230, Freeride 160 – 210, Wave 140 – 190, Wave 150 – 200