Platinum Series SLS

Platinum Series SLS

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The super-lightweight carbon PLATINUM in AEROSPACE PREPREG TECHNOLOGY is designed for experienced and performance-oriented riders with its ultra-stiff monocoque design. Word has long since got around that even PWA team riders of other rig brands buy the PLATINUM.
In order to meet the toughest challenges, three fully customised concepts are at the start:
›   Wave >< Freestyle (140/150)
›   Wave >< Freeride (160)
›   Slalom >< Formula (170/190/240)

Wave series:
The bending line of the short lengths with a smaller opening angle at the front and wider tail end combine to form the EVEN CURVE, which ensures a more even pull on the mast and backhand. This improves handling when riding the waves and lessens fatigue when performing freestyle moves. The iTAIL WAVE FITTING with patented Loop-Loop-Go fitting (perfectly frictionless rope alignment) and complete nonslip grip coating is installed to match the range of use. For maximum grip comfort, the tail end is still inserted. By popular request, the PLATINUM is now also available in a MEGA SLIM version as the thinnest carbon boom worldwide with only 24.0 mm tube diameter (140-180 and 150-200).

Hybrid series:
The wave/freeride version with HYBRID.CURVE was developed specifically for sail sizes 4.5 to 7.8, which can unfold optimally – in the truest sense of the word. For the very best grip comfort and secure hold when performing duck gybes, the tail end is half coated with Pro-Grip (INSIDE 50% GRIPPED TAIL). The low weight, iFRONT 2.0 front end and the stiffness of the monocoque design make it the highest-quality wave/freeride boom currently available.

Race series:
The large PLATINUM booms have tried-and-tested race/slalom bend curves.
The PLATINUM 170 features a 28.5 mm grip diameter, which is ideal for small and medium slalom sails and all freerace sail sizes.
Attention: the 170 length is mainly focussed on racing generating maximum stiffness despite the inside tail end and the rather «small“ grip diameter. This we can only achieve through a certain pretension between the tail end and the body. This makes the PLATINUM 170 the stiffest boom on the market of its kind. Unfortunately though this pretension has a negative effect on the comfort while adjusting the length.
The 160 length (freeride focus) however features the same body as the 170 combined with a tail-end with a smaller opening angle. This results in a 20% lower stiffness but a much higher comfort when adjusting the length.
The PLATINUM 190 and 240 feature a 30 mm grip diameter and custom OUTSIDE TAIL ends for 30% increased stiffness. The OUTSIDE TAIL also ensures that maximum stiffness is obtained even when fully extended.
An additional highlight is the iTAIL RACE FITTING, whose Teflon POM plastic rollers minimise friction. Absolutely unique: The ropes can even be looped while an outhaul trimming system is in use (patent pending).

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Medidas Botavara

140-180 Mega.Slim (24mm), 140-190 Wave (27.5mm), 150-200 Mega.Slim (24mm), 150-200 Wave (27.5mm), 160-220 Hybrid (28mm), 170-230 Race (28mm), 190-250 Race (28.5/29.5mm)